The Knucklehead…

Spike and my knucklehead are still inseperable! Spike even showers with the knucklehead, sitting on a rock in the bottom of the shower and then chilling in a basin of warm water whilst the knucklehead brushes his teeth and gets dressed and stuff. They then head outside together and Spike suns himself on a log that has been set up specially for him in the garden!

And then the big news today- he has a new job!! He starts tomorrow and its close to where we live so I can drop him off when I drop off my Glugster at the Gautrain station! He is very pleased with himself as he had to go for an interview and everything. The only downside for him was that they “suggested” he cut his hair. He shaved it all off tonight in preparation for his first day tomorrow. He is very lucky in that he looks gawjiss with long and short hair!

13 thoughts on “The Knucklehead…

  1. Yay on the job! And kiddos at being able to whack off all that gorgeous hair without a fuss!! You know they’ve grown up a bit when they can do that! (Mine had a fit a few months ago when he had to do it…)
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  2. Sounds like getting him Spike was a fantastic idea πŸ™‚ I think it’s so good for kids (not that he really is anymore, but he’s still your kid πŸ˜‰ ) to bond with animals and have their own pets that they are responsible for πŸ™‚ And so thrilled to hear about his new job – how exciting!
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  3. wowee go D!
    haha, the kiddo i tutor also has bearded dragons and his is also named spike! they are too gorgeous. though i’ll admit i prefer the iguana’s to the beardies. and of course i love my hedgehog above all haha

  4. Yep both styles suit him, the top pic with the lizard is a lovely photo. How big is Spike going to get???

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