Cake And Puppies!!

My knucklehead is liking his new job! Its only been two days, and he is working very hard, but he likes it. He also got to spend Saturday with biodad and they had a lot of fun.

Last Friday at about lunch time, I went to fetch my Glugster from work and then we went to SAGA to fetch our Volt– who had been at kennels for a full two weeks! At the same time, we picked up a very special puppy whom we have named Riddick! You can read all about him on my furbabies blog! Ironically, Riddick was bred by the SA Guide-dog Association, but he was born without pupils in his eyes, so he is effectively blind. We have adopted him to be a part of our forever family! And trust me, you will battle to resist this face!!

Riddick and Volt are fast friends already! It has been so cool to have Volt here to keep Riddick occupied and vice versa!

This Sunday past was #WorldBakingDay, and I decided to take part as well- in the name of my alter-ego of course!! The aim is to bake a cake (or cupcakes), put it somewhere crazy, and then photograph it, posting it on Twitter with the #caking hashtag. I got photos of my cake in a few different places, but I think this one of my guide-dog-in-training puppy Volt, helping me out with some extreme “caking” is my favourite! He was so good! He didn’t even try to take a bite or get a lick in!

On Friday afternoon, I received a courier delivery from our dear friends Shebeeliciousness and her Jon. Instead of sending us flowers for the loss of our Super Nathan, they had one of our favourite photographs of Nathan printed on canvas and mounted for us. It hangs in our living room now. Thank you both. The picture contains a treasured memory.

On Saturday my folks popped around for a visit to meet the new puppy and we had a lovely afternoon, then on Sunday my in-laws visited us and- they brought lunch! We had divine mince jaffles with potato salad and a bit of green salad and enjoyed a little wine with our lunch! We haven’t seen them in MONTHS and it was so cool to spend the afternoon with them again!

We had a nice relaxed weekend. I had one cupcake delivery that my Glugster did for me while I waited at home for another order to be delivered. We actually managed to sleep late even with a new puppy in the house!

9 thoughts on “Cake And Puppies!!

  1. I have fallen a little behind… but that’s fabulous on the new puppy!! I wish we lived somewhere that we could get one again. I’ll just have to enjoy living it vicariously through you for now 🙂 And, as always, I’m now craving some cupcakes…. nom nom nom
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  2. I am super thrilled that your Knucklehead is enjoying his job!
    Riddick and Volt are both too bloody cute and I am super impressed with how well trained Volt is!
    So glad you’ve had a relaxed, enjoyable weekend. I’m not around much but think of you lots!
    MeeA recently posted…Two Steps Forward, One Step BackMy Profile

  3. OMWSQUISHNESSSSSS! How cute is Riddick’s face while playing with Volt? I cannot WAIT to smell him and kiss his widdle nose!

    So happy you like the canvas print. It took me so long to decide which photo to choose, I’m relived you love this one.

    See you on Sunday! xxx
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  4. Our one dog slowly started going blind when she was only a few months old. She will be ten this year and if you didn’t know she is blind you wouldn’t really guess it. She runs around and plays like crazy. She only walks into things if they have been moved. You will be amazed at how they adapt.

  5. Awwwwwwww @ your puppy, shame, I’m sooo glad he’s gone to you guys, feel like crying after reading he’s blind, animals always get to me :/

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