Here’s Your Chance!

You know how, when we drive around our lives every day and see children begging at the traffic light or see something heartrending on TV, and we think “…I wish I could do something to help…” or “…I wish someone would do something…“?

Well, these women did. Third Thursday is a group of women- most of them working moms- who started getting together back in 2004 to work to actively make a difference in South African communities. They raise funds and awareness for a variety of community-based organisations and every cent they raise goes to these causes.

In November 2009 I went to a Third Thursday luncheon where Debra Patta was the speaker and let me tell you- it was fascinating! She spoke of her journalistic career, her children and meeting Madiba, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Not only did we have an awesome lunch and get to listen to an enthralling speaker, there were lucky draws and give-aways of jewellery and spa days, AND we each got goodie bags filled with all sorts of things from nougat to magazines!

This year, they are collecting money to help purchase a bus for Mthimkhulu Stimulation Centre in Soweto. The centre provides a daycare service for mentally handicapped children so that their parents can go to work and know their children are safe and cared for. Many of these children are immobile, and many of their parents rely on taxis for their own transport making it very difficult to get their children to and from the daycare.

This year the speaker is none other than Helen Zille! She’s flying up to Joburg especially for the breakfast, and flying back to Cape Town immediately afterwards! This is not going to be a political rally, Helen will be sharing her experiences and insights and if there’s time after her presentation there will be a Q&A session, and this fabulous lady is not charging Third Thursday for her time.

For just R250pp, you can attend this breakfast and help Mthimkhulu, listen to a great speaker, and take part in a few “Heads or Tails” auctions (I’m not going to explain those here, you’ll have to attend to find out what they’re all about) where for a mere R20, R50 or R100, you could nab yourself all kinds of things from a high tea to a weekend away so be sure to take some cash with you as well!

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