A Whole Weekend Of Awesomeness!

Oh my goodness!!

What a weekend!!

Last week I got a text message from Sass inviting me to her “Champagne Club” lunch on Saturday! I was so excited I could barely contain myself waiting for Saturday to dawn! I have a few girl-crushes that I am sure I have mentioned before, and Sass is one of them! She’s beautiful, talented, artistic, loving and intelligent! She’s glamorous, yet down to earth, and when I grow up I want to be just like her! If I wasn’t a mostly normal person I would be an out and out stalker!

My sweet Glugster dropped me off at Sass’s house after I spent two hours trying to decide what to wear (eventually settling on my Sass Designs Tuck Dress) and then he stayed home with the puppies and left me to lunch with a VERY cool group of women! I got to practice my afrikaans, we ate a glorious lunch, I took cupcakes for dessert, and we drank a LOT of champagne!! I can’t remember when last I was so pickled! By the time my hubby fetched me that evening (yes, our lunch ended well into supper time, and thank goodness I took Sass’s advice and organised to be dropped off and fetched) I was giggling like a loon for absolutely no reason, and I had a brief BBM conversation with my family in which my ridiculous spelling and such had them all in stitches! Thank goodness I put the phone down and went to sleep before I started on Twitter or Facebook!

Thank you Sass!

And thanx for the photo Sass!

And then on Sunday, my Glugster and I got to celebrate a very dear friend’s birthday with him. We got together with Jon and a whole lot of his friends at an awesome place called Gilroy’s! Spending the afternoon with Jon and Sheena was fabulous as always, and the astmosphere at Gilroy’s made us want to stay there all day! Whoever decorated Gilroy’s had an absolute blast, putting up the strangest signs for no apparent reason! The owner and host keeps his patrons entertained and it feels more like you’re partying at a friend’s house than eating at an open air restaurant. It was glorious and it suited the occasion down to the ground!

Thank you Jon for inviting us to share your birthday celebration!

one of the signs with no apparent purpose – apart from telling you to beware of the sign!

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  1. SO glad you could make it, angel. what an awesome afternoon – and now you’ve got me hooked on those damned strawberry cheesecake cupcakes. my hips hate you!!! xxx
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