My Mom Wrote A Poem…


three grandchildren were not on this photo shoot, and one wasn’t born yet

 I once had a coat of beautiful hue,
Made up of the warmth and love from all of you!
Then tragedy struck and my coat lost a thread.
A seam has a weakness where Nathan once tread.

My coat of loving colours is thin in some places –
It will always be worn where he used to be.
It feels rough, uncomfortable – I need to adjust
To my new coat of love with a little rust.

When it gets too scratchy and chaffs at my heart,
I hold on to your love because you are a part
Of my coat and my life – your love gives me strength!
Your weave in my coat will restore the weak seam;
Even though we will always miss Nathan’s being.

When I wrap my coat around me
I thank God above to be
Filled with your presence, your voices, your humour and love!
Baby hands, teenage hands, young man’s hands – you
Make my coat warm and snuggly and less scratchy too.
I will get used to it – this coat that feels wrong…
It’s either too short, too scratchy or too long.
I will get used to it – because precious ones you
Will help make it comfy with its new shape and hue!

By: Nana Glen – 24 May 2012

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