Yesterday Was Fathers Day…

For years I approached this particular day with very mixed feelings, as you can see by my 20052006 and 2007 blog posts… I haven’t actually blogged about fathers day since then! This year it was a particularly strange occasion… I am almost glad we didn’t get together to celebrate it like we usually do…

Yesterday, my many friends who have lost their daddy darlings were also on my mind and in my prayers. I have no words for you.

As a daughter I love Fathers Day! I have an incredible daddy darling! My daddy darling loves his children, and he loves his grandchildren. He’ll drop everything and come running should we need “rescuing” of any kind. I didn’t get to see him this year because he and my mommy darling were both home sick with some kind of flu, but we usually try to do something together as a family every year. It was strange not seeing him this year. He has been so much better in the last few months than he has been in a couple of years! He is actually picking up weight and his Peritoneal Dialysis is going so well that he only has to do the procedure every 8 hours now! Miraculously, his kidney function has actually improved a wee bit! Dialysing every 8 hours gives my dad time between dialysis sessions to enjoy a day out without worrying about cutting his visit short to dash home to do dialysis! Its wonderful to see him more like himself.

Happy Fathers Day to you my daddy darling! 

As a sibling, my heart broke for da Bruvva this year. Just two months ago, he lost his seven year old son Nathan in a car accident. I can’t imagine losing my son. And I can’t imagine having to go through any kind of special occasion without my boy.

da Bruvva, I hope this Fathers Day wasn’t too terrible for you…

As a single mother who had no contact with her son’s biological father, I didn’t look forward to Fathers Day. It meant my son would have to take part in activities at school and nursery school and church related to Fathers Day- making gifts and cards for a daddy he didn’t have. Listening to people wax lyrical about how special dads are and how they are to be celebrated. Some of his teachers used their heads and let him make something for his grampa instead, but every year it meant explaining it to someone. As a single mother I was chief cook and bottle washer, exam revision and homework helper,  advocate and ally, sports fan, supporter, disciplinarian, the go-to person, the organiser, the driver, the breadwinner, the mom and the “dad”. I wouldn’t change a thing, my son was my life, but I have said it before and I will say it again- single parenthood is not to be taken lightly! It sounds like a small thing, but having to answer your child and other people’s questions leaves special occasions tainted with angst.

My son is now lucky enough to have a wonderful stepdad. And he has contact with his biological father on occasion. And he has my family, filled with fabulous examples of what a daddy is supposed to be like. And I have many friends who are wonderful fathers to their children.

Happy Fathers Day to you, my Glugster and to my BILs B and D

And last but not least, happy Fathers Day to my single mom friends!

You are braver than most can comprehend!

Mom, cupcake maven, AD/HD champion, wedding planner, guide-dog puppy raiser and tattooed cat slave… come play on my roller coaster!

4 thoughts on “Yesterday Was Fathers Day…

  1. Happy Fathers Day to your Daddy, your Brother, Glugster & the Daddy you got to be for so many years. (My heart aches for your brother.. I can’t even imagine…). xxoo Love you!

  2. Happy Fathers day to YOU! So happy that your Dad is improving. Much love to your brother – must have been a very painful day for him.

  3. I get you on the pain the bum it is for the school aspects of it. Last year we gave the thing they made at school to my brother who is Nicola’s God-father. This year the teacher used her own discretion and nothing like that came home anyway. Obviously it’s a hot topic at school when an event like Father’s Day comes up and I did have a little giggle earlier last week when I was berating Nicola for doing something she knows that she’s not allowed to do. She turned around to me and told me that I must stop arguing with her or she’ll tell her daddy…now THAT would be something. 😉
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  4. What a lovely post my sis. It was strange not to see Dad. And i was thinking of our brother all day too… Love you lots!

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