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Wife, mom, cake artist, Guide Dog puppy raiser, ADHD champion, wedding planner, and tattooed cat slave.

9 Responses to Sometimes…

  1. Thank goodness we have Twitter and FB and can hug it out!
    Gin aka Darla recently posted…setting up for surgeryMy Profile

  2. Laura says:

    What MeeA said!


  3. SheBee says:

    Loving you. So much. xoxox

  4. Louisa says:

    That makes a lot of sense – I totally get it.
    Louisa recently posted…Either I’m Italian, or you’ve been having too much milk!My Profile

  5. Bex says:

    Aint that the truth.
    Bex recently posted…this too shall come to pass…My Profile

  6. Dawn says:


  7. MeeA says:

    Like not enough time and too much work.
    Or not enough money and too many bills.
    Or not enough loving and too much shouting.
    Or not enough words and too much to say…
    I feel you.
    MeeA recently posted…20 Years On…My Profile

  8. Hang in there
    cat@jugglingact recently posted…What’s happening?My Profile