OMG! A #DKR Package From @AyobaMTN!

Thank goodness I had make up on!

Okay. So whilst my knucklehead may not agree with me if I claim to be a geek, I believe I am one… Gadgets have me doing my best Gollum impression, surfing the web is a necessity, and movies based on comic books are the AW-SUUUUM (use a sing-song voice for that part)!

I had a visit from a tuxedo’d courier- replete with white gloves- bearing a beribboned black box on a silver tray! And I said I was glad I had make up on because he was followed by a photographer! I had two crazy-excited Labrador puppies on leashes and my two older dogs were bouncing all over the place, and this guy in his white waistcoat maintained his dignity without flinching!

So what was inside the box, I hear you ask!?

Well, there was a personalised invitation to me and my “superhero husband” (with an instruction to find a sitter for our guide-dog puppies) to go and see The Dark Knight Rises at the uber snazzy Cine Prestige! To say I was squealing with delight is an understatement, and I know my superhero husband would have been far more effusive had he not had an office full of people able to hear his end of the conversation when I called him to tell him!

Also in the box was a bobble-head Batman! I’ve never had a bobble-head doll and now I have the coolest one ever! And naturally when my darling Glugster and my knucklehead got home from work we argued over who it would belong to!

I have decided its mine.

Of course.

I’ll tell you all about the movie and Ster Kinekor’s Cine Prestige next week!

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