#MTNDKR Thanks To @AyobaMTN! The Dark Knight Rises In Luxury!

In case you were wondering – THIS is how you are supposed to watch a movie! Leather recliners, loads of space between movie goers so you can’t hear the people next to you chewing or talking, divine dinner platters and wine, with popcorn, M&Ms and Coke for afters!

Okay we didn’t have platters or wine… but you SO can if you go to Ster Kinekor’s Cine Prestige at The Zone at Rosebank! My Glugster and I will totally be doing our date nights there from now on! We shared a huge loveseat with no armrest in the middle, each with our own seperate side TABLE! The cost of the ticket and the cost of the platters per person makes it a perfectly reasonable night out, IMHO!

So how did we get to experience it for the first time? Well, remember when I told you how I had been invited by MTN to see The Dark Knight Rises on the big screen? Tuesday night was the night! I am so very glad I decided to put some make up on and dress up a wee bit for our night at the movies! When we arrived we were interviewed briefly on camera, and then we had fun with a photo booth of sorts where we could don props from the movie characters!

The movie was simply AWWWWSUUUUM! There’s no denying that I am a huge fan of movies adapted from comic book stories and I have seen all the Batman movies several times. The newest one had a portrayal of Catwoman that I rather liked in that she wasn’t some crazy lady pretending to be a cat, and there was a glorious twist towards the end of the movie! I also liked the way they managed to seamlessly follow on from the last Batman movie without having to spend half the movie on flashbacks. Action, a laugh or two, intrigue, cool cars and gadgets- it wouldn’t be a Batman movie without all those things! Go and see it! You will not be sorry!

Ooh and here is a look at the theatre!

This is the love seat, with tables on either side and no armrest. They have double seats like this that have an armrest and a side table in the middle, and there are single seats with their own side tables as well. To the left there you can see how much space there is between the seats as well so you and the other patrons are FAAAAR apart!

And the theatre is a small one, it only holds 50 people!

Thank you MTN! I loved the theatre and I loved the movie!

8 thoughts on “#MTNDKR Thanks To @AyobaMTN! The Dark Knight Rises In Luxury!

  1. We too went and crashed this movie! You guys had the luxury and fun movie props … we had the wheelchair/cast accomodations and the German movie credits. Wasn’t it great?

  2. Wow, so glad I was part of the experience. I have to say that cinema was 1st Class, never been so comfortable and that lead to enjoying the movie ohhhhh my Bat man save the world once again. There movie was 2 nice thank you MTN for the 1st class unforgettable experience

  3. I’m glad you had a good time.
    I had a similar experience in Singapore – their luxury cinema is called “Gold Cinema” and they also have recliner seats with tables, widely spaced. They also serve wine and a variety of other foods. They have waiters who bring you menus and deliver your food and drinks to you before the movie starts…
    I’m so glad they’ve brought something like this to SA – I had no idea it existed here. Will definitely be making a plan to go with David sometime!
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