I’ve Been Watching Survivor…

I haven’t watched Survivor since season 8 or 9*… I stopped watching because I got pissed at the increasingly spiteful and mean spirited nature of the players, and it seemed to me like they were going on the show to make a name for themselves so they could be paid for TV and public appearances after they got home.

Heroes versus Villains (Season 20) was absolutely fascinating! I knew some of the players, and I knew it was going to be a backstabbing, bitching, scheming, alliance making-and-breaking kind of game. That put a whole new spin on how I watched the show. Ooh and when Sandra tossed Russell’s hat in the fire on day 39 I thought I was going to die laughing! It was the perfect payback for all Russell’s craftiness!

Boston Rob, Jerri, Tom and Colby were always some of my favourite players, Sandra and Cirie I could never stand, and I like Russell now too- or rather, I like to loathe him. Russell especially proved himself worthy of his villain tribe and connived his way through the game. He was interesting to watch because from the beginning he was convinced he should win BECAUSE he’s a schemer and “plays the game”. But its never the “real” player who gets the money when it comes time for the jury to vote. The person who really plays the game is inevitably the person who has screwed over every member of the jury in some way or another. Having three people in the final vote for who wins the $1M was new to me, I don’t know when it changed from two people to three.

And I was right, Russell, Parvati and Sandra were the final three, and the jury were so pissed at Russell’s antics they gave the money to Sandra!

Who knows… I might actually watch the next series…

*I did watch the SA Survivor were the celebs competed because my friend Sass was competing, but that is the only Survivor SA I’ve ever watched.

3 thoughts on “I’ve Been Watching Survivor…

  1. Oh the hubby and I love survivor – it is about the only thing I watch on TV (but we were riveted to our seats with MasterChefSA). Not only is Russel as toatl crook but stupid too – that he can not see or understand why he did not win. I actually have always liked Sandra and think Parvati is such a clever player. But my favorites – Rupert, Amanda and James.
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  2. I still LOVE Survivor! I have only ever missed 1 season. And Russell was in the season just before the Heroes v Villians and he played exactly the same way got thru to the final three and didn’t win the money. I thought he would have figured it out by the second time getting to the final three and not winning. But he doesn’t seem to understand that if everyone on the jury is mad at him he’s not going to get a thing! And I can’t like him – he’s like a little gnome pirate…
    My faves are also Boston Rob and Colby and I love JT, Rupert James and Amanda too… and sadly they were all picked off one by one by Russell. If only they had listened to Sandra and gotten rid of Russell things would have been SO different.
    I also got a kick out Sandra chucking Russells hat into the fire. hehehe!!

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