A Glimpse Into Another Life

Today I popped into my favourite Pick n Pay, the one on Nicol, and when I got to the till I found someone’s shopping list in the bottom of my trolley.

When I read it it made me smile. I loved the normality of it. It looked a lot like one of my own lists and I especially like the “Lucy’s toothpaste” and “my toothpaste” entries.

And to me it seemed like a mom’s list, but when I mentioned the list to my sister on the phone she said it could be a husband or a boyfriend’s list, perhaps written for him by his other half, which made me realise that the list could be interpreted differently by anyone who found it!

What do you think about who may have written it?

17 thoughts on “A Glimpse Into Another Life

  1. Without a doubt a mom’s list – Hoola hoops for Lucy (it’s all the vogue again with the girls – mine wants one, and toothpaste for her) and cake mix and 65th birthday card for a granny or grandfather. The handwriting looks like our office’s (female) left handed accountants – slanting to the right – maybe a lefty?
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  2. I’m with MeeA. And I am definitely a voyeur too! I LOVE reading stuff like lists, especially if it’s in their actual handwriting – one doesn’t see that much handwriting these days with all the forms of media and electronic messaging out there.

  3. That handwriting is very similar to my husband’s. We often make shopping lists together – he’ll write while I look through the cupboards to see what we need. I think this list is like that.
    I think it was an old man who wrote down what his wife was telling him to get. And I think he dotes on her.
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  4. Hahaha! Cool. Whoever wrote this list has terrible handwriting and are in the market for a lot of hoola hoops! Maybe the items weren’t all written down at the same time – some slant others don’t.

    • Interesting… But then mine slants all over the place depending on how I move around while I’m writing, Louisa. 😛

  5. Well, it says “Lucy’s toothpaste,” which I think was either a partner (woman or man) who’s list this is. Perhaps a son or daughter because they had to buy a 65th year old birthday card.
    So interesting to see this 🙂
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  6. Voyeuristic much? 😛 I think a woman wrote it. ‘My toothpaste” just seems to refer to Lucy’s mom… if she had written it for a boyfriend/husband she may have written ‘Lucy’s toothpaste’ and ‘Angel’s toothpaste’ if that makes sense…
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