Getting Lost In A Maze…

A maze of a mall that is!!

On Saturday we sorta slept late and had a slow morning for a change, and then we took ourselves off to Primi for lunch. This used to be a regular thing for us- eating out for lunch or breakfast on a weekend I mean- and its been a long time since we could afford to just do it. And it was SO cool to do it again. I had the most divine G&T cocktails- one with grapefruit and mint and one with blueberry and mint- that were perfect for the hellishing heat, and we had a lovely lunch with just us two.

blueberry and mint G&T

Last week I went to an Oriental mall near where we live and I literally got lost inside once or twice- the place doesn’t seem to have any kind of layout plan, and I am usually pretty good in a shopping mall! I’d never been to a Chinese mall though, and I had a very entertaining trip around looking at all the funny stuff the shelves are filled with. I was actually looking for a Sibling Supper gift, but I found LOADS of baking tools for next to nothing! It was awesome!
Then on Saturday afternoon my Glugs and I headed for the same mall as we had been told there was a big open “warehouse” type shop I hadn’t seen.
I had such a giggle at some of the shop names inside the mall section, like “Lady Chamber” and “Happy Sundry“! 😀
We strolled around for a few hours, acquiring jewellery, shoes, hair accessories, fans (all for me) AND I found my horrendous Sibling Supper gift too!
Its quite incredible what you can find in these shops! Everything from feminine hygiene products (in the party shop no less) to wedding dresses! There are wigs, cooking and baking utensils, clothing, decor, crockery and Christmas decorations! Granted, some of the stuff I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole- like the hair dye- but there are other items that are fabulously affordable.

I thought these were perfect for a Sibling Supper gift but they were too pricey

the feminine hygiene products in the party shop

anyone on a REEEEEALLY tight wedding budget?

It can be “convoluted”… Um…

these are jewellery boxes…

Yes, it actually says “FONY”… And its a PVP…

Just a disclaimer- I wasn’t asked, paid, bribed, invited, or otherwise coerced into writing this blog post, nor did I receive anything in exchange for writing this blog post.

9 thoughts on “Getting Lost In A Maze…

  1. Its just off the Old Joburg Road in Centurion, Alida, near Nelmapius intersection.
    It was indeed Bex & Blackhuff.
    So its not just me who thought “Lady Chamber” was a little obscene then, acidicice & ExMi…? 😛
    I reckon the gift we found is a winner, Laura!
    Heh heh, I think it helped that it was a week day morning and there weren’t many people in the mall, Sharon.
    I want to go to some of the more well known Chinese malls too, Louisa.

  2. You sure get to see some funny things in China Malls! We have three close to where I work – I’ve been a few times with colleagues over lunch time. Always good for a giggle or a bargain on something that will fall apart within a week. 😉
    Louisa recently posted…New Nicola-ismsMy Profile

  3. Wah ha ha ha! “Lady Chamber”…that’s hilarious. Those wedding dresses don’t look so bad! Obviously only “Chinese sizes” though, so your budget isn’t the only thing that will be tight 😛
    acidicice recently posted…Sippy Cup SillynessMy Profile

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