Celebrating #AnGlugBirthday

This year, my Glugster and I celebrated our birthdays together for the first time!

I usually celebrate my birthday a month early as I was born on a date on which people are seldom around, sober, or have any money, and it is often overlooked because three days after Christmas and three days before the New Year, people have a lot on their minds! That said, I do love to celebrate it and I can’t just let it go by.
My husband was never big on celebrating his birthday, but as I think birthdays are important, I changed that when we started seeing each other.

His birthday is about two months before mine, so celebrating mine a month early and his a month late meant we could meet “in the middle” and decided to do something all our loved ones could enjoy.

We opted to go 120 years behind the times and headed for Gilroy’s in Muldersdrift.

I sent out save the date notifications waaaay in advance of the date and by the time I phoned to book a table (you have to book if you’re heading there) I had 60+ RSVPs! Knowing people and events like I do though, I booked a table for 40 people and it turned out that that was perfect! We had two long tables reserved for us and we filled them up toot sweet!
I took my camera with me but I didn’t take it out of its bag!
I baked a whole lot of mine and my Glugster’s favourite cupcakes (Oreo, red velvet and strawberry) to take with us as dessert and they went down a treat!

We had a fabulous time! Almost all of our favourite people in the world were there to celebrate with us, and if you’ve been to Gilroy’s you’ll know the atmosphere is simply awesome. The food is fabulous and even if you’re not a beer drinker its worth trying at least one. There’s lots to keep the kids busy too- if you have some extra cash- so lots of the parents could enjoy their afternoon without kids counting their teeth!

Thank you to all who joined us, and thank you for the gifts we received!

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