Photos I Found On My Phone…

Attempting a self portrait…

A strawberry julep at Karoo! We were super stoked to find a Karoo had opened near our house as we have a serious shortage of decent restaurants here!

I find it hysterical that disclaimers like this are necessary… But I have needed to include such ridiculous fine print in my own business!

One of my favourite Pick n Pay stores regularly makes mistakes on their posters…

My daddy darling has a dog. His dog’s name is Toppolino. He’s a fox terrier crossed with something, and he makes my daddy darling laugh every single day!

I don’t bath- preferring to shower I mean- but I will make an exception to use this stuff!

The safety rep in me shudders at such an outrage…

I got my hair done! My sweet Glugster sent me to my hairdresser to colour away my grey hair!

My knucklehead bought himself a new pair of shoes!! For the first time ever!! And they’re so snazzy and so sensible!!

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5 Responses to Photos I Found On My Phone…

  1. Brigitte says:

    Haha!!! These are cool. The deep heat bath tonic is HEAVENLY and it smells good. That pharmaceutical factory I worked at for so long makes it – and i used to get samples now and then. And the Occupational Health and Safety employee that I am now – I too notice really stupid things people do. The other day there were guys up on one of those big billboards that go over the street and the were putting up a new advert – not one of them had on a safety harness. And today I drove past a bunch of road workers and one guy was using a jackhammer without any protective equipment. Ai.

  2. Louisa says:

    That Karoo drink looks yummy!
    Louisa recently posted…Trees and pizzaMy Profile

  3. blackhuff says:

    I love the new blog layout you have here. Something totally different and away from the kind of business you do. A separate place for you.
    Love the photos you found on your phone. Those shoes he bought is totally snazzy and sensible.
    blackhuff recently posted…Back againMy Profile

  4. MeeA says:

    I really should blog some of the random stuff I snap on my phone, too.
    I take so many pics thinking I’ll blog them later and then I never do!
    MeeA recently posted…Song Sung, Pre-Holiday Hump… And Some Other StuffMy Profile

  5. acidicice says:

    Love this! I’ve got tons of random snaps on my phone. Some of them I don’t think I want to share 😛
    acidicice recently posted…Fun night. Not really.My Profile