On Feminine Hygiene Products…

This post is a little unusual for me because I LOATHE discussing anything to do with the female reproductive cycle or menstruation or any such thing out loud, and I grew up in a family where no discussion topic is taboo. If I have to mention it I use the tried and trusted “Aunty Flo is here”.
But writing about it I can do.

My biggest bug-bear about what is available on the market is the price! IMHO, things like bread, milk, and feminine products should be subsidised by the government. Its not like women can go without pads or tampons, or make their own using crafty links they find on Pinterest, for crying out loud.
There are other options like the Mia Cup or the MPower*, but they aren’t available in supermarkets and they are the kind of thing I think may be good to try, but never actually get around to buying…

As for tampons…? There’s no way a woman would have designed any such thing. Nuff said.

What drives me BATshit when it comes to shopping for sanitary pads (which I loathe, but need) is that it is imPOSSible to find ANYthing that doesn’t have wings or a scent! I don’t want my crotch to smell like ANYthing, let alone a bunch of forking flowers!!
And wings!!??! What the fork is it with the wings!??!
And I don’t know who’s body these things are supposed to be shaped like because it sure as shit isn’t my body! And don’t panic- I am not going to go into detail about just how NOT like my body these things are shaped.

Please people.
Don’t fill movie screens with adverts for this stuff, its not like I’m going to pop out and pick some up while I’m on a date.
Put it in black and white, non-descript boxes, with a clear, short name on it so that should my husband have to get some for me, he doesn’t have to cringe when he puts it on the till**.

*now there’s a name that sticks in my craw
**I will be very surprised if any men are buying the lumo-coloured Camel cigarette boxes that are out now

7 thoughts on “On Feminine Hygiene Products…

  1. I hear you. Which is why I bought my mpower as soon as I heard about it. I have been using my mpower since 2009 and I love it. I walk paste the tampon/pad isle with glee! 🙂 Give it a go. Better for your pocket and the environment.

  2. I s’pose I should have said I prefer tampons… But at least with those I can find the ones I want without too much of a battle – usually.

  3. Couldn’t agree more that these things should be faaaar more affordable than they are!
    As for finding wingless pads, I know they’re maternity ones, but I found that the Dr. White’s pads were the best when I used them and would continue using them if I didn’t have the option to use tampons, which I prefer…

  4. I hear you. I’m either going to just get that mpower cup (after reading this post I put it on the budget for end of January) or I’m going to my Gynae to have this pesky period done away with – I’m seeing her in Jan too so will make decisions on the mpower after that. That scent thing annoys me too.
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  5. I have to say that I prefer the ones with the wings. They work better for me than those without the wings.
    But I agree, they need to rethink the cost regarding these “so important” things for ladies that we can’t live without.
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