Where’s Your Pride, Spar!?

I’m sure I have complained about my local Spar before…?

I very rarely go there unless I am absolutely desperate, because I am disappointed every single time I go there. The staff are rude and the management uncaring. They never have stock of what I am looking for and the place smells funny.
And most people know I have no problem lodging complaints when I feel they’re valid- I also do not hesitate to pay compliment, but this place couldn’t care less.

One night last week we popped in there because it was ten to eight at night and nowhere else would be open, and they had Christmas decorations up. “Thats not so unusual?” I hear you say. Nope, its not, but the way their decor had been put up was shoddy and it just demonstrated perfectly to me, the attitude of the staff and management at this particular Spar store.

If you’re not into it, then don’t do it. I mean, packing tape? Seriously?!

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4 Responses to Where’s Your Pride, Spar!?

  1. MeganTS says:

    hey, it looks like they upgraded the place bit since the last time i had the misfortune of shopping there!! i have to agree with you on the smell thing, it’s why i nicknamed it the armpit spar. the packaging tape takes it to new levels of lame!
    MeganTS recently posted…K1 Started Big SchoolMy Profile

  2. blackhuff says:

    Ha ha ha – first time ever I see this. One can’t help but laugh.
    blackhuff recently posted…Are you allowed?My Profile

  3. Louisa says:

    Well, you did say they never have what you’re looking for – maybe that’s all they had? 😉
    Louisa recently posted…Last ramble for 2012…well it’s still early so you never know, but I think so anyway.My Profile

  4. acidicice says:

    Wow. Not even the clear type. Bloody dodgy !!
    acidicice recently posted…Protected: DisappointmentMy Profile