How To Arrange A Phenomenal Baby Shower

Whilst merrily cruising Pinterest this morning, I came across a number of pins about baby shower games and decorations.
I’ve organised and thrown several baby showers, and they were pretty cool if I say so myself. And in throwing those parties I learned a number of things about the guests and the moms-to-be.

The most important thing to me is to ASK the soon-to-be-mommy what kind of shower she would like! Keep it in mind if she’s not one for dress up and party games. Keeping the guests happy is secondary to making sure the mommy has happy memories. If the expectant couple would like a joint party- especially if its their first baby- then do that! Arrange the kind of bash where men and women will be comfortable in celebrating the new baby.
And in my humble opinion, baby showers are about celebrating the pending birth of every child, not just supplying a first-time mom with baby goodies.
Tradition be damned!

When it comes to surprising a mom-to-be with a baby shower, keep in mind that she is most likely nearing the end of her pregnancy, and whilst it may seem fun to do- she may not feel like she’s “glowing” and dressing her up like huge baby may not go down well…
You can surprise her with a theme and decorations and gifts, but at least give her a heads’ up on the date so she can put on some make up. She is most likely going to be photographed after all.

With party games, there is a long list that can make a shower fun for the guests and for mommy, like Don’t Say Baby and Mad Libs, but remember that if you want to play games and hand out prizes- quizzes and crosswords and puzzles mean someone is going to have to sit and check them in order to pick a winner- missing out on the fun whilst they do. Games where the guest of honour can quickly choose a winner are best.
And personally, my least favourite game is Guess Mom’s Measurements!

Keeping track of who brought what gift for mom and baby can be tricky. You can get someone to make notes as the gifts are opened but if you’re getting mommy to guess who its from or what is inside this could get confusing. The coolest shortcut I ever came up with was getting the guests to write down their gift’s contents in the guestbook along with their wishes and advice for mom and baby! That way there will be a proper record for mom to look back on and write thank you notes with.

For the guests, there really is only so many times you can say “Aaaawwww…” and “Thats so kyoooot…” whilst mommy unwraps her gifts!
Try mixing it up! This does mean you- as the organiser- may have to keep an eye on the proceedings and play the role of emcee, declaring it game time or  stopping the unwrapping process to get everyone to top up their refreshments. Even if you aren’t playing any games, taking a break to fill teacups and cake plates means people mingle a little and get to talk to the baby mommy.
And if you’re not big on “public speaking” then perhaps ask someone to do it for you.

A happy guest of honour and happy guests is the aim of the game! Good food and mingling is a HUGE step in the right direction- you don’t need expensive party favours and decorations if you get the balance right!

9 thoughts on “How To Arrange A Phenomenal Baby Shower

  1. Is it sad to admit that since I don’t have a lot of people I hang out with, the only 2 baby showers I’ve ever gone to were mine? I’m sure you throw a smashingly fabulous one!!! 🙂
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    • I have been to LOADS of baby showers! Most of my friends are younger than me and many of them are now having their second and third babies! I don’t get to organise too many showers though as they have sisters and moms who do it for them. 😀

  2. Great post. I personally think that baby showers should be held a lot earlier in the pregnancy. Like when the Mom-to-be is about 30 weeks or so. At that point, she’s still comfortable and feeling strong and also, it gives her enough time to go back to the shops to get whatever she didn’t get as gifts or even to exchange duplicates etc.
    I personally find baby showers boring. Think all of the ones that I’ve ever been to would have been AWESOME with you as the organiser!

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