The Knucklehead And His Spike

The knucklehead’s bearded dragon, the lizard formerly known as Mojo, is a little over two years old now.
When he comes home from work, Spike is fetched out of his terrarium and they head outside into whatever sunshine is left so the knucklehead can have a smoke and Spike can “chill”. When he’s in his bedroom listening to music, Spike gets to walk around on the bed, much to Greebo the cat’s disgust!

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I think when I die I’d like to come back as a bearded dragon belonging to my son!
His terrarium is cleaned and rearranged on a weekly basis with an assortment of rocks and logs so he never gets bored!
And outside in the garden there’s a little play place – fenced so the dogs can’t disturb it – where Spike gets to hang out and warm up in the son whilst the knucklehead has a cigarette. The knucklehead has even cultivated a strawberry plant in the pen for Spike to snack on when they’re ripe! There’s a half-buried log with a hole under it for Spike to hide in, plants for shade and rocks to climb on.

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  1. They’re inseperable! And he likes nothing better than freaking people out with Spike on his shoulder!

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