Have Duvet Cover, Will Itch!

So weird!

A few weeks ago, whilst we were still on holiday, my poor Glugster spent several nights battling to sleep and complaining that he felt like something was biting him. He eventually resorted to sleeping tablets and after a few days it stopped, and he could sleep again. Keeping in mind that we share a queen size bed, I felt none of the biting he felt! We even considered that Riddick may have fleas or some such since he sleeps on our bed too, but I am absolutely diligent about tick and flea treatments on all our animals and there was no sign of any fleas.

Once it stopped, we didn’t think about it again.

Then on Tuesday, Dora came as usual. She switched all the linen, washed some of the curtains, and did her usual thing.

When we went to bed on Tuesday night my Glugs didn’t say anything at first, but I started feeling a sensation on my legs and arms that felt almost like I’d touched a prickly pear! you know how those little fine hairs itch-burn on our skin?
I didn’t say anything but when I got up to go to the bathroom and a stronger light to look for bumps or SOMETHING, my Glugs asked if I was feeling it too!
He said it was the same thing he’d felt a few weeks earlier and we were mystified! There were no bumps, we could find no bugs or anything, and for Glugs- rubbing Peaceful Sleep on himself seemed to help. I used a topical cortisone cream I use for allergic reactions and it seemed to help a bit…

And then I asked if he could remember if we’d had the same linen on the bed for that week he’d been unable to sleep!?
We are lucky enough to have several sets of linen that we alternate on the bed, and for some reason I suspected this one had been on our bed when Glugs had battled to sleep in December.
We immediately stripped the duvet cover off the duvet and we haven’t had a problem again!

Whatever it was- or is- it was in the duvet cover.

11 thoughts on “Have Duvet Cover, Will Itch!

  1. Allergic reaction perhaps??
    There could be micro nasties of some or other irritant woven in the cover.
    I agree with Boiling it and then leaving it out to dry in the sun just in case it is a fungal spore.
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  2. ffs! I think it just deleted me 🙁 I was saying how wonderful the new look is! Just like you! and I blogged you – because I love being able to stalk you even when I’m not in the blogging zone – beh. Anyhoo – it’s bootiful! Missed you!
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  3. I’ve missed you! I love the new site! It fits you miss sassy! I am climbing back onto the blog truck – so I blessed my 2013 post with you. Because let’s face it – you are great! And I love stalking you via FB and Twitter too. Can’t escape the wonderful Angel!
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    • Well I hope thats the culprit!
      I am a little surprised- and very glad- we haven’t found it in our clothes as well!

  4. I hate situations like these where one don’t have a definite answer to what this could have caused. I assume that you have thrown away the duvet cover?
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    • I haven’t tossed it out 😀 I am going to soak it in some boiling water and bleach and hope I can salvage it!

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