I Could Effing CRY!!

In fact I AM crying!

I have been so careful to get my bank charges down to as little as possible (and I am still keeping an eye on that to see if I am going to get what Absa promised me) and put away some of the money from my baking income and not run my phone bill through the roof…

And then yesterday evening I pop out to Pick n Pay for bread and my card is declined! I KNEW I still had money in my account and I was more than a little peeved…
I checked this morning and discovered that Autopage had taken a debit order of almost R2400 where I was expecting the “normal” R375 for my knucklehead’s phone contract!

I sure as shite don’t have an extra two THOUSAND Rand!!

TWO THOUSAND RAND!!! Its like some bell ringing in my head!!!

So I call Autopage this morning.
It took a 20 minute phone call- about a third of which I spent on hold and waiting for an operator- to work out that when I upgraded my contract last year (the one my son uses), they did NOT upgrade it to the type of package he had been on for years- where the knucklehead can’t exceed the allocated time and number of texts.
I thought he was on a contract where he got 200 call minutes, 200 text messages and 200MB and when that was finished he had to buy his own airtime. Thats the kind of contract he’s been on for the last few years. It means no surprises for me at the end of the month.
But his new contract is “open”. Which means that when his allocated bundle is finished he can continue using his phone, but he pays the “out of bundle” rates.

So now they’re going to go and listen to the call I made for the upgrade (because I didn’t sign anything anywhere) to decide whether or not I was misled or just plain stupid when I upgraded.
I now have to wait until they trace the call and listen to it and get back to me to tell me what they decide – by next Tuesday apparently – and if I am unhappy (which I already kind of am, as it will be their word against mine) I can go and listen to the call as well.
If I was misled – and I am pretty DAMN sure I made it clear I didn’t want my knucklehead to be able to exceed the time on his contract – then they will switch the contract to the kind I want it to be at no cost. And if I am REALLY lucky they’ll reimburse me – and I mean REALLY lucky…
If I just screwed up when I made the upgrade call, then I have to wait until six months have elapsed before I can migrate the contract again, which I think is another four months.

And beg my knucklehead every day not to use his phone…

17 thoughts on “I Could Effing CRY!!

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  2. AUTOPAGE are a bunch of fucktards that need to be beaten every morning.. because they are guaranteed to fuck someone over every day.

    I was a client many years ago.. wont make that mistake again.
    Drag them over the coals Angel. Drag them long! But be aware that their record keeping is not all that tidy and they may not even have that phonecall on record. So follow up often and don’t be surprised to find your account being handled by multiples as their staff turnover is the highest known to mankind.
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  3. Oh no that is awful. I also upgraded my phone and for some reason I cocked up so my bill was more than double in January. I now have a limit and it is driving me crazy cause I keep having to buy bloody air-time. I hope they reimburse you. Hugs and kisses

  4. WTF is wrong with January??? We have had similar crap this month with expenses we didn’t plan for or even deserve to have to pay for!!! ARGH!!!

    GOOD LUCK!!!

  5. In my opinion Autopage is one of the most useless service providers. I have never come across a happy Autopage customer. Our service provider offers a service where you can put a limit on the account and once the limit is reached all outgoing activity is blocked. Not sure of they can do the same, it’s worth finding out though.
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  6. and all this AFTER the longest flipping month of the year. i will somma cry with you, i can SO feel your frustration… 🙁
    i really REALLY hope that on tuesday it is sorted out, and you get that money back…

  7. Oh that sucks. Can you monitor his use and have alerts placed when he is close to exceeding? This is one of the reasone why I refuse to use autopay options on any bills. Maybe down the road when we paid of most debts and loans and have spare cash but till then I have to pay then as I get the cash.

  8. Ag no! That is shitty luck. Hopefully all the iffs come through and you get reimbursed. I really think they should have pointed this out to you and given you the choice.


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