February Blog Challenge – Day Two

~~Describe Three Significant Memories From Your Childhood~~

My childhood was really ordinary and happy. I went to school, we had family holidays for Christmas, and my parents are still married to each other and celebrate their 40th anniversary this year so I have no truly traumatic events remember…

But I remember getting my first dental filling. I think I was aboooout… twelve years old. I was the first of my siblings to need a filling, and I remember sitting in the dentist chair and having tears run down my cheeks into my ears. I never made a sound and my mommy darling only noticed something was wrong when the dentist commented on having to wipe my tears! The dentist didn’t hurt me and I don’t remember being afraid – but I remember feeling like I was frozen stiff in the chair and hearing the noise of the drill echo inside my head. My “fear” of the dentist never went away. I was never hurt by a dentist, but I have always been tense and it takes me days to recover after an appointment. Thank heavens for Dormicum!

I also remember the day my sister B and I got into BIG trouble with our daddy darling, and it was all my fault… I think I was in standard four or so, and for some reason we hadn’t caught the school bus home like we did every day and we were waiting for my dad to fetch us. We lived quite a distance from our school so walking or cycling to school was not an option.
For some reason, I decided my dad had forgotten us and convinced my sister we had to go and find a phone.
Why in heaven’s name we didn’t go to the school office I will never know – instead we walked to one of our Ouma Jean’s good friends’ houses a few blocks from the school and used her phone to find out from our mom where dad was! That of course got mom worrying! She told us to go back to the school and wait for him, which we did… But he had already been there and searched for us and was now driving around searching the streets! By the time we got back to the school and he circled back and found us he was understandably panicked and furious.
Needless to say it never happened again, and I have been plagued with that parental panic many times over!

And Thursday August 30th 1990 will never be gone from my memory. It was the day I did a pregnancy test. I was 16 years old and back then it wasn’t as easy as peeing on a stick either – I had to pee in a cup and it took an hour to get the result!
All I kept thinking was “…what the fuck am I going to tell my parents…”
Unfortunately for me, the mother of my now-ex-BF (the knucklehead’s biodad, of course) took it upon herself to tell my parents before I could do so, and I will hold that against her forever.
My life changed irrevocably and incomprehensibly that day.


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