I’ve Actually Made Progress With @Altech_Autopage!

Last Friday I blogged about how my knucklehead’s cellphone had suddenly cost me R2400 instead of the R375 I was expecting.

What happened was that when I upgraded my Autopage Cell C contract over the phone last year they did NOT upgrade it to the type of package he had been on for years- a “top up” contract- where the knucklehead can’t exceed the allocated time and number of texts.
I knew that I had definitely stipulated that I wanted the top up contract when I upgraded. I can’t do surprises come month end especially when it comes to phone usage.

So they went and listened to my upgrade phone call recording, and contacted me today to tell me that the contract had been changed to the top up contract I wanted and that they were looking into reimbursing. I don’t know yet what kind of refund they have in mind, but I will appreciate whatever they can do for me.

I am very impressed with how quickly it was sorted out for me, I’ve had this contract for about 10 years and this was the first time I’d had any kind of drama with Autopage.

That said, I was far from pleasant or patient with this issue… I pity any call centre people who have to deal with me. Ever. I was ready to bail on Autopage this morning because I couldn’t get hold of the guy I dealt with last week and I was half convinced I was going to get screwed.
I wasn’t.
And I can’t tell you how relieved I am that I don’t have to worry about the knucklehead’s phone bill at the end of the month again! That said – if its not sorted at the end of February and I have to find another couple of thousand Rand then heads are going to roll…

But in the meantime, thank you Autopage.

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