Masterchef Australia, Anyone?

I am watching it with my Glugster – season 3 recorded on PVR – and loving it.
I was going to link to the Masterchef Twitter account in my title but we’re actually a season behind Australia and I do NOT want to run the risk of any spoilers, for myself or any other fans, which is why I haven’t linked to the website in my post either!

I am sure I’ve said it before, but what I really like about the way Masterchef works is that unlike other reality shows, there are no alliances or pacts and there’s no backstabbing or personality clashes.
If you can’t cook, you’re out of there!
I don’t like the British version of the show very much, but I thoroughly enjoyed the South Africa version last year, even though I wanted Sue-Ann to win, not Deena, LOL.

And I have learned so much from the Australian show as well! Their masterclass episodes are really cool and easy to follow.

What does frustrate me no end with the contestants is how often someone will say “OMG I’ve never cooked-prepared-made-worked-with this-that-these before!
Surely- if you’re planning on entering a competition like Masterchef- you should be practising and cooking up every kind of meat and vegetable and fish and sauce you can find a recipe for!
You should be trying to learn how to pin bone a fish and how to cook rabbit and how to make a proper hollandaise sauce!
I know it costs money – beLEEEV me I know how expensive it is to experiment with new recipes – but with a prize like the one thats up for grabs on Masterchef you should be pulling out all the stops!??!

Who are your favourite contestants for this season? I am liking Hayden, Alex and Kumar a lot, so no spoilers in the comments y’hear!

2 thoughts on “Masterchef Australia, Anyone?

  1. I love Masterchef too!! I have to admit, soo many things they do, and so many foods and recipes they make I haven’t even heard of before! I agree with you… if they want to be on the show – they should know these things!
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  2. I too like Masterchef Australia and for the same reason as you: There’s no backstabbing etc. You either can cook or not. Like Top Chef series too. Cook a stunning dish or leave.
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