That Will Teach Me. Dammit.

We had a shirty start to our morning… A crazy conflagration of bad decisions and rushing meant I ended up at the vet with our Riddick.
We were running late so I didn’t put his roadie on.
The knucklehead was getting hot and irritable with Riddick’s shedding and opened the back windows.
Riddick took it as an invitation and jumped out into oncoming traffic, catching a glancing blow from a taxi on his right shoulder.
Glugster and the knucklehead then tried to catch him as he ran off whilst I pulled off the road, so everyone was in a bad temper when we parted company…
I don’t think I’ve ever been so glad that we were standing still and the opposing traffic was moving slowly!

Man alive I can’t tell you how panicked I was, watching my half-blind puppy run through traffic whilst I sat behind the wheel of my car!

My silly pickle is okay thank heavens – he’s limping, the pad under his dewclaw is torn and his foot is a little swollen but the vet doesn’t suspect anything is broken. The pawpad will heal on its own, its not stitched or anything, and he got a shot for pain. We have some anti-inflammatory tablets for him for a few days and if the limp or the swelling gets worse I have to take him back to the vet.

I could kick myself. I KNOW he’s not supposed to be in the car if he’s not at least benched if he’s not wearing his roadie.

I called my Glugster and the knucklehead to let them know Riddick is okay so they don’t worry about him all day.

12 thoughts on “That Will Teach Me. Dammit.

  1. Thanks Jeanette, Bex and Laura.
    He seems fine, although he limped a little after we attempted a ball game today, so we’ll be taking it easy for a little longer.

  2. I was really in quite a state – my Glugs had to tell me to pull off the road ‘coz I was ready to jump out the car right there in traffic!
    Thankfully he’s hardly even limping anymore and even running around the garden as normal!
    I kept him in the house and as still as I could all day, and he has a few days of anti-inflammatory tablets as well but I don’t think there’s anything to worry about!
    Thank you so much alida, MeeA, Julia, Louisa, Brigitte and katy for all your love and concern.

  3. We wont open windows where the pups can get out since the day Mac tried the same and we caught her halfway out of the car. I am so glad that he wasn’t seriously hurt.

    • Normally there are no windows open wide enough for him to get out of, AND he’s wearing his Roadie car harness which is attached to the seat belt and prevents him moving around on the back seat too much.

  4. crap on a stick!!! i am SO relieved he is okay… what a horrible frightening thing to happen. sheesh… i can only imagine – i would have been screaming like a banshee (lol) if i was in the car watching it all unfold. {hugs} to you my sis.

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