Signs And Spelling…

I am not going to get into our education system and how spelling has gone out of the window… But I have been on the look out for spelling and grammar mistakes in signs and notices since I was a little girl!
My mom tells me how, when I was in grade 2, we were walking home from my primary school and we passed a bakery. I remember this bakery well, it was on a corner across the road from Church Square. This particular day, there was a sign outside advertising “custid slarses” and my mom says I giggled all the way home over the phonetic spelling on the sign!

So here are some new ones I found, specially for your enjoyment!

20130130_IMG01389 20130130_IMG01390 20130130_IMG01391 20130131_IMG0139720130210_IMG01431

4 thoughts on “Signs And Spelling…

  1. When seeing signs like these, I wonder whether the Manager or Supervisor are doing his/her work? Because then they would have picked up on things like these. Shocking!

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