February Blog Challenge – Day Thirteen

~~Whats In Your Make-up Bag~~

I LUUURV make-up. I have a lot of it and I love experimenting with it.
I used to play with my make-up on my sisters faces, trying out all kinds of looks I found in magazines. The first time I was asked to do someone else’s make up was when my cousin made it to the final round of our high school beauty pageant and I absolutely LOVED it! I made up both my sisters and my aunt on their wedding days, and I have made up several ladies for matric dances and year end functions.
Here I am, made up for a party where I had to dress up as a drag queen (I had been allocated Priscilla, Queen of the Desert as my costume). This look took me close to two hours to complete on myself…

moi, done up as a drag queen - took me almost 2 hours to do

moi, done up as a drag queen – took me almost 2 hours to do

The kind of drag queen look that I loosely based my party make-up on

I have everything from false eyelashes to body glitter and a special collection of brushes.
In the following picture I have put my three bags of makeup into one collection, not including my nail polishes. I have one small, leopard-print bag that is always close at hand, containing the black eyeliner, mascara and foundation I use most often. I have another one containing all my pencils and mascaras, and then the pink vanity bag containing all my shadows, blush and brushes.


And you thought my handbag had a lot of stuff in it!


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  1. Make up has been a fairly recent discovery for me – I don’t think I’d ever bought myself any until 2006…
    Now, I have a few basics and I like to keep the look fairly neutral or else very classic. Haven’t had the time or money to experiment much… :-/
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