February Blog Challenge – Day Fifteen

~~Movie That Made You Cry~~

Secretariat and Hidalgo.
Yes. The horse movies.
Movies don’t make me cry- although I get a lump in my throat in every episode of Grey’s Anatomy– but real beauty can reduce me to tears. And to me, few things are as beautiful as a horse. And a horse running, full tilt, will make me cry every time.


Harassed Mom and Cupcake Mummy are doing the challenge too


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2 Responses to February Blog Challenge – Day Fifteen

  1. alida says:

    Can’t do animal movies. Nope. Nuh-uh.

  2. aeroplanejane says:

    And the current series of Grey’s is the worst, I’ve watched a couple of the episodes of the series that started on SA TV this week and cried In.All.Of.Them. Be prepared, take tissues.