I Totally Hit The Jackpot!

I was just reading my friend Bex’s latest blog post titled, I can’t rub it in enough, and I commented that we must have found our husbands in the same catalogue!
My sweet Glugster really spoils me…

He’ll make supper for us even when he’s worked a full day.
He does the “late shift” with the puppies and locks up the house every night because I do the early shift.
Some weekends he lets me sleep in and he takes care of the morning menagerie duties.

On Valentines Day, I got breakfast in bed – eggs, crispy bacon, toast, baked beans and coffee – he went the previous day and did some shopping during work and smuggled the groceries home, and he bought me baked beans! Which he loathes! And he let me sleep in a little, making his and the knucklehead’s work lunches, feeding the dogs and feeding the cats!

And this afternoon, after a long hectic work week, he serviced and cleaned up our portable air-conditioner because I was DYING of the heat!

I do love my man so very much.

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