February Blog Challenge – Day Eighteen

~~Your dream Bedroom~~

Ah yes… Pinterest to the rescue again!
I think you can see a “trend” of sorts in these images off my Pinterest board… My dream bedroom is a big space with big windows. Ideally there isn’t much furniture in it and the bed is huge. The windows are big too, and if at all possible they will be covered with hotel room-style curtains so that when I close them its properly dark.

DreamBedroom3DreamBedroom4 DreamBedroom5 DreamBedroom1 DreamBedroom2


Harassed Mom and Cupcake Mummy are doing the challenge too

One thought on “February Blog Challenge – Day Eighteen

  1. OMG – That fourth picture is so beautiful! I would LOVE a bedroom like that. I’m crazy about the high volume ceiling, the distressed, semi-exposed brick wall, the huge window with the chunky panes in a dark colour to contrast the light in the room… My heart breaks everytime I have to remind myself I can never have white or light coloured linen in my room – my family would destroy it in 5 seconds flat! 😛
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