February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty Three

~~Which Five Twitter Friends Would I Really Like To Meet~~

I had to giggle at today’s topic because I have been exceptionally lucky in getting to meet so very many of my South African Twitter friends!
A list of five was far too fargin short… so I made it ten. I’ve been on Twitter too long to only want to meet five of them!
In no specific order, here’s my list:

The queen of rock herself, the one and only P!nk!!
The coolest chick on radio – Catherine Grenfell!!
Someone I swear is so much like me, I think the universe may actually collapse in on itself were we to meet face-to-face, cupcakemummy™!!
The coolest redhead on Twitter, A Daft Scots Lass!!
The always gloriously, fabulous Sharon Osbourne!!
My favourite wish-he-was-driving-a-Ferrari F1 driver, Mark Webber!!
My sister-on-another-continent, Gin!!
Pastry chef extraordinaire, long time blog friend and now Twitter contact too, jin!!
New mom, also a long time blog friend and now Twitter friend, Katy S.!!
And last but not least, long time blog friend and now Twitter friend too, Justa Girl!


Harrassed Mom and Cupcake Mummy are doing the challenge too