February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty Four

~~Would You Change Anything About Yourself Physically?
If So, What And Why?~~

Apart from losing weight – which is completely doable if I just put my mind to it – I REALLY wish I had beautiful white teeth.

I’ve said it before on this here blog, so this isn’t a new thing. I’ve never had white teeth. Not even as a child. My love of Coke and coffee, and many years of smoking and using asthma inhalers certainly hasn’t helped though…
Unfortunately, a relatively affordable bleaching is not an option. My teeth are already ridiculously sensitive and using a bleach will weaken them further and make it even worse.
I could cap them, but there again they have to file away the already thin enamel to give the caps a rough surface to adhere to.
My only real option is crowns. But at R3K per tooth this is WAAAAY out of my budget! And as its cosmetic dentistry, its not covered by my medical aid at all.

So for now its a pipe dream.


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