February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty Five

~~Your Family, Introduce Them. Even If Its Just A Cat.~~

My family is a big one – even if I only tell you about the ones who live in my house!

Lets start with my human family.
My Glugster is my husband, we met reading each others’ blogs and got married two years and seven months ago (we’ve been together for five years). He’s my best friend and my lover and step dad to my knucklehead.
The knucklehead is my son. He’ll be 22 years old in April. He carries my heart in his heart. We fight like cat and dog and we love each other to death.

I’d like to present our canine loved ones.


Thelma and Louise are our two “old ladies”. They are a couple of mixed breed bitches we adopted from Wetnose almost three years ago. They are fantastic watch dogs and they have the sweetest natures. They’re about 6 years old now.
Riddick is my mama’s boy. He’s a yellow Lab we adopted from SAGA because he was born with bad eyes and can’t be a guide-dog. He sleeps on our bed with us and he goes everywhere with me if I can arrange it! He’ll be a year old on April fools’ day!
Volt is an honorary canine family member as he was never really ours. He’s a guide-dog we raised for SAGA until he was a year old, and we hope he will be the first of many such puppies.

And now for our feline furbabies.


Our cats are indoor cats. They don’t go outside. They have full run of the house and the balcony outside my bedroom and they have been trained to “sit” for treats and walk in a harness when we leave the house for any reason.
Greebo is my grumpy old man. He was my first kitty cat and he will be 10 years old this November! He’s very clever and he adopted my knucklehead as his boy even though he was supposed to be my cat.
Magic was a parking lot foundling and he’s a perfect tuxedo cat! He’ll be 4 years old in November and he rules the ground floor of our house with an iron claw.
Minx is our youngest and smallest kitty, and she became a member of our family after she was rescued from Shebeeliciousness’s undercarriage! She will be three years old in August and she loves to sleep on our bed between myself and my Glugster!
We have bid farewell to four of our furbabies over time – Diva, Turk, Taxi and Grampa Scratchy – and they now play together over the rainbow bridge.

My extended human family is huge… I have parents (happily married to each other), two sisters and a brother (and their respective partners), one niece and seven nephews! I have aunts and uncles, a boatload of cousins, I still have one of my grannies and I have several godchildren! I also have a substantial family-in-law and I got very lucky in that department.


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