February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty Eight

~~What Is Your Center? What Is It That You Bring To The World?~~

Sheeshkabob… This meme got all heavy on the last day of the challenge!

What do I bring to the world…?

What do I bring, to this world…?

I hope I bring calm, and logical thinking, and thinking before acting.
I hope people are always happy to see me.
I hope I demonstrate that integrity is always the best policy.
I hope I give more than I take.

And I truly hope I set a good example by what I say AND what I do.


Harrassed Mom and Cupcake Mummy are doing the challenge too

One thought on “February Blog Challenge – Day Twenty Eight

  1. You DO bring calm and logical and rational thinking. I have NO IDEA what I would do without your fantastic support. Thank You.

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