So @Altech_Autopage Lived Up To Their Shoddy Reputation After All.

I am BEYOND annoyed!

Just a month ago, I was SO stoked that I had made such great progress with Altech Autopage in fixing my Cell C contract.

Remember how I blogged about Autopage taking a debit order of almost R2400 at the end of January (for my January bill) where I was expecting the “normal” R375 for my son’s phone contract?
I had spent an AGE on the phone and eventually got them to fix my contract and adjust it to the kind of top up contract I had ASKED for when I upgraded, and I was promised I would NOT get another nasty surprise on my account.

Then I got February’s account for over R2000!

Several phone calls later I was assured that this was January’s usage and that they’d “look into it”. Then I was told it had been fixed and they’d look into crediting me.
Towards the end of the month I called Autopage again to find out if I had been credited at all and after being put on hold repeatedly and leaving unanswered messages I was told they had credited me.
With a whole – brace yourself – R105!!!

My phone calls to them cost me more than that!!!

I was furious, but I was again ASSURED that the contract had been fixed and adjusted to the kind of contract I wanted, and that it would all be fixed.

Yet despite what I was promised a month ago, Altech Autopage Cellular has proved true to their reputation and let me down.

A month ago – I was promised that my Cell C had been changed to the Top Up 200 contract it was SUPPOSED to be on as requested when I upgraded last year.
I was promised I would not get anymore surprises on my bill.
And today I get my latest account from Autopage.

For R1460.

Needless to say there was some colourful language happening here.

So I called them again. I spent fifteen minutes on the phone AGAIN and eventually Henry from Altech Autopage Cellular – the same Henry I had spoken to before – blamed “the network” (in other words, the Cell C network) for the fact that my contract did NOT get changed to a Top Up 200 a month ago as I was promised. According to him, they changed it on their system, but Cell-C didn’t.
WTF dude!? Are you kidding me!??
This after my calls at the end of February where I was again assured that all was well and that I had been credited for the mistake (albeit only R105)!??!

I have again been promised – by Henry – that they will sort it out. He has also promised that they have logged a request for an investigation to the accounts department and then told me that I would get A TEXT MESSAGE letting me know what the decision was!

I told him a text message was unacceptable and that I want a phone call FROM HIM in the next three days to tell me what is going on.

This is the last straw with you people, Altech Autopage, I WILL be throwing my toys out the cot if this isn’t sorted out soon.

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