Today I am heading to my gynae for my annual check up. Although “annual” is a bit of a misnomer here since I haven’t been in a few years… Not since my Glugs and I knew for sure we couldn’t have a baby, so thats three years ago at least.
I loathe going for my gynae appointment, for all the same reasons women around the globe will cite and because she will tell me things I don’t want to hear out loud. In all honesty though, I find the doctor’s breast exam the most uncomfortable part of the whole appointment!
And I’ll probably have to schedule another mammogram today. I know I’m supposed to have one every year, and I am lucky in that I don’t find them all that uncomfortable physically (I think its easier with big boobs), but I do find them uncomfortable emotionally…
I love my cleavage, and I can make my big boobs look great in clothes, but my naked boobs… I think my husband is the only one who loves them.

And there are a few things that I really need to address with a medical professional of some sort for once and for all.
I am fatter than I have ever been which is fucking with my back, my feet and my already screwy sugar metabolism, so I need to get to a dietician… And maybe someone who can actually keep me on a diet since I have no self control (as evidenced by a year of paying for Weight Watchers with me gaining weight and going for maybe 6 weigh-ins).
I’ve started seeing small spider veins on my legs which is just depressing.
My hopelessly under-active thyroid is still untreated because I never get around to going back for a check up.
I suspect I have started developing arthritis in my right hand – in my pointing finger and my thumb. This runs in my family but I am sure I could do something about it…

And there are a couple of other issues that I’ve been putting off seeing to for a long time, mainly because when I think about possible treatments, all I see is a bedside table full of pill bottles and it makes me feel so OOOLD!

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  1. So I got the scrip for the thyroid meds. In 3 months I go back to have it tested again.
    Right now I am on the hunt for a dietitian that is contracted in!

  2. I agree … they suck. They found “precancerous cells” when I went in a few years ago. When meant they got to numb, and slice, out some cells. Since cancer runs rampant in my family, even though this is a minor procedure, ever since than I get antsy when it’s time to go in. And I haven’t had the “pleasure” of the mammogram yet 🙁 I did take the hubby to one of my gynae appointments. He sat in the room and watched the whole thing. The doc was younger than hubby, and spent the whole time super flustered and jumpy. It was hilarious… he kept letting us know that my hubby could leave. I kept telling him “it’s nothing he hasn’t seen!” I agree… once they get your thyroid under control it will help a lot of other stuff!! Big Hugs!!
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  3. Chat to your gynea about the thyroid issues – I am sure she can treat that too – so one visit! Once that is ok you should loose weight.

    Lots of luck!

  4. Hmmm I don’t mind going to the gynae at all. Go once a year.

    Hopefully once you’re on meds for your thryoid you will drop some weight. Just remember what you eat is far more important than how much you exercise.

    Here are some tips:
    Cut out all sugar (this is obvious and is the most effective thing you can ever do to lose weight)
    Use xylitol or stevia in your drinks instead of sugar.
    No refined stuff, no white bread or pasta, use wholegrain low GI. (and no biscuits ever ever ever, good quality dark chocolate is healthy and recommended)

    Fat is good for you, don’t cut it out!!! always always always use full-fat milk etc, low fat products are the devil and have more sugar in them to make up for taste lost due to fat reduction.
    In my opinion, you can eat roast chicken with skin etc but limit the carbs you eat with it. Protein and veggies together is very healthy, and then have your carbs on their own as a separate meal.

    Cook using coconut oil, its the healthiest oil you can use, eating a spoon of coconut oil a few times a day actually helps you lose weight, believe it or not.

    Drinking diluted organic apple cider vinegar also speeds up the metabolism, you get used to the taste. And it is really beneficial for a myriad of health problems.

  5. I have to say that is one of those I actually do keep partly because my mom is one and would freak if I didn’t and partly for cancer prevention after having lost a friend to ovarian cancer who may have had a chance had she been able to go for check ups (she didn’t have insurance). As for weight if you find a solution let me know. Thanks to PCOS I am more than twice than I should be and nothing seems to work. In your case the thyroid meds may help so definately check that out

  6. Angel, you know you will start losing the weight when you get that under active thyroid treated. You will shed the weight.
    You sound very down in dumps. Good luck with your annual checkup with the doctor.
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  7. Good luck at your check up! I haven’t been for one since after Nicola either. They saw me plenty in that year (once a month for the first two trimesters and then twice a month for the last, plus once a week in the last month, the actual delivery, three visits in hospital and one six week check up), I figure I’ve got a few years grace. 😉
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  8. Eish. I haven’t seen a gynae since a few weeks before James’ birth – not even for the 6 week check-up after the birth!
    About the underactive thyroid, I can tell you that it may take a while to find the right thyroid hormone supplement but they are all very affordable (mine is only around R30 per month) and the arthritis is more than likely related to the thyroid issue – same thing happened to my mom. The trouble with the thyroid is that if you leave it untreated, it can lead to a wide variety of horrible and debilitating conditions, from progressively worsening arthritis to all sorts of other stuff. Don’t wait – get your doc to sort you out!
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