I’m Fast Losing My Temper With @Altech_Autopage

Here’s a list of my most recent phone calls made to Altech Autopage regarding my still disastrous Cell C contract. January’s phone calls aren’t shown here…

  • Tuesday February 19th at 8h18.
  • Monday February 25th between 7h53 and 13h56 I made 7 phone calls – unanswered.
  • Tuesday February 26th at 10h44.
  • Monday March 4th at 14h50 – 40 minutes and 23 seconds. FORTY MINUTES ON THE PHONE!!!
  • Friday March 8th at 12h02 – a 10 minute 14 second phone call.
  • Monday March 11th at 8h43 – 5 minutes 47 seconds and again at 13h44 – 4 minutes and 41 seconds. Both times I was promised a call that I am still waiting for.

How much do you think those calls have cost me?

Do you – Altech Autopage – think that the R105 “refund” I got come close to covering the cost of chasing after the people in your call centre!?
Here are the blog posts I’ve already written about this little saga if you want to catch up:

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