I’ve Got Puppies On The Brain!

Do you remember me talking about Volt occasionally? I blogged about him on my furbabies blog. Volt is the puppy we raised last year for the SA Guide-dogs Association. He is nearing the end of his formal guide-dog training and should be graduating soon. He’s been doing so very well it looks like he’ll be a working guide-dog on schedule – at about 18 months old – and we are immensely proud of him.
SAGA already has a partner in mind for him and we’ll get to see Volt one last time when he graduates with his partner, AND we’ll then be given a photograph of Volt with his partner to hang on our wall.

me and Volt the day we took him back to SAGA for the last time

And we got some good news recently! We will hopefully be getting our second guide-dog puppy to raise near the end of April-ish… We haven’t had confirmation yet of brood-bitch Jelly’s pregnancy, she’s a yellow Lab and she was mated with a black Lab so if she is carrying a litter they could be all black, all yellow or some yellow and some black…
And only once they know how many puppies there are will we get confirmation of whether or not we’ll get a puppy from her litter.

Jelly’s pups will be the “L” litter, so we’ve already been wracking our brains for names for our puppy! So far our short list – of male and female names – looks like this (the ones with asterisks are our favourites):

Lightning *          Lollipop *
Lyric *          Lemon *
Lex/Lexie *          Liquorice *
Lisbon *          Linus*
Lazer          Luna
Lacey          Lambert
Leo          Lionel
Leyland          Lennox
Ludwig          Legolas
Libra          Lulu

Of course, the pup’s name has to be approved by SAGA as they monitor their guide-dogs and service dogs throughout their lives and they can’t have two dogs too close in age with the same name. And since the dog will be a working dog, in public, it can’t be labelled with too ridiculous or vulgar a moniker.

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So what are your name suggestions for the “L” litter?

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  1. Aw, it’s so lovely to hear about Volt doing so well!
    I hope you guys get another puppy who’s just as sweet and clever!

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