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I heard about a school district in Maryland, USA that has put in restrictions on birthday party invitations, hugs, parental access to school grounds and cake.
Most of the changes were brought about after the school shootings in December. I totally understand some of the rules the 17 schools in this district have applied, but some of them are a little far fetched…


You’re no longer allowed to hug any children except your own.
Restricting physical contact is fine by me – there are some real weirdos out there. Although I don’t know about you but I don’t think I hugged any of my son’s school friends, and certainly not on school property!

Only registered school volunteers are allowed on the playground.
Again, keeping the weirdos out is fine by me.

Only store-bought baked goods can be sent to school for a class party.
This is to make sure they can verify all the ingredients in the baked goods and avoid allergic reactions. Whilst I understand this, I do feel that home-made baked goodies are healthier…

Party invitations can no longer be sent to the school and parents should develop an email and phone list instead.
They have implemented this restriction because children were getting their feelings hurt if they didn’t get an invitation!
This is the one I think is ridiculous! Children are resilient and they can take a lot more than you think they can. If there is anyone on this planet who is protective of their child, its me – but you can go overboard.

Not everyone likes the new rules. Some parents think enforcing the hugging restriction will be difficult because sometimes the child approaches the adult, but I think thats a stupid argument. You’re a grown up FCOL – wave hello and walk away. And some parents are upset that they won’t be able to go to school and have lunch with their kids, and that even though registered volunteers are allowed on the playground they’re not allowed to push other people’s children on the swings…

What do you think?

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  1. the homemade goodies thing has been in place in (central small town) TX since 1999 when my kids started school.
    I thought at the time it was to cut down on illnesses ie MRSA, salmonella ? (also allergy issue)
    Does any other parent remember this?

  2. I think that some of them are good and some are a bit excessive.
    My daughter’s school has a ban on all birthday food/treats etc. I totally agree with it. They have done it for a variety of reasons; religious dietary restrictions, allergies, sugar rushes and the fact that the kids should be celebrating the child’s birthday and not just the fact that there is cake. Instead we need to send in photos from the child’s life and they do a photo timeline and celebrate each year and growth.

    They are also attempting to be a totally sugar free school and NO treats or sweets are allowed ever.
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  3. Unfortunately in Oregon, where we live, the majority of this crap has been in effect for awhile. And it does suck. And we hate it. We get the “why” but at 10 Xav knows what kids he truly wants to share his birthday with. And I can’t afford to feed all 30 of them.
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  4. The hugging thing would be a challenge for me – Kiara’s friends make a bee line for me at school and throw their arms around me. I never started it – it comes naturally to them. So while it is not impossible to change – I don’t know if I would want it changed. Does this also include the teachers?

    The rest I am pretty indifferent about – although I do know that my kids love when I make cupcakes for school!
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  5. Honestly, they’re afraid the kids feelings get’s hurt? People do coddle their kids these days good grief. It’s a part of life, life skills.

    I think the US got hurt in a way we don’t understand yet, their trust is gone, which I kind of get.
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  6. I think they are all stupid. A lot of kids at my kids school come to greet me and hug me. I know I ould stop them – but they feel accepted and “cool” when their friends’ parent hugs them. Not all of them – but there are some. I just think the USA is being over protective again and just overdoing it completely. Like MeeA said.

  7. The one about the invitations made me laugh. I wonder whether people of today aren’t trying to keep their children from getting hurt from every single possible thing. Wow! That’s a ridiculous rule
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  8. I’d be okay with the hugging thing and the no access except the registered volunteers. All seems reasonable to me – the rest of it is a bit bogus!
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  9. they also have the invitation rule at my daughters school-actually there rule is if the whole class isnt invited then we must make contact with the parents via their emails or contact them without sending invites to school (who can afford inviting a whole class of 25 kids to a party these days).
    regarding the store brought things i think thats a bit extreme if u can bake yourself why not just maybe stay away from the common “allergy triggers” just a thought

  10. Um, the one that is the most ridiculous…the invitation one…they actually do that at the school my mom works at. When she told me, I honestly couldn’t believe it. So, apparently, we were ridiculous here in SA than they were in Maryland, yay us 😉

  11. I think the yanks are taking their ability to “ruk die poephol uit die hoender uit” as far as they can, once again. Because, you know, there’s nothing at all to be learned from being the only one not invited to a party, is there? Next they’ll be forcing all the kids to be “friends” because no-one wants to feel left out.
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