I Wish I Had A Success Story…

Last night, my Glugster and I had a wonderful meeting with a mom and her other half, who are just beginning their journey to an ADHD diagnosis and treatment plan for her son.

In sharing some of my life with my knucklehead with this couple, and through my blog, I like to think I am helping people jump some of the hurdles that I couldn’t get over until too much time had passed.

I do wish though, that as I sit and make suggestions for dietary changes and supplements and building structure at home, that ours was one of the success stories. That I didn’t learn the lessons too late for them to be beneficial for my own son.
Sometimes I feel like the fat chick who extols the virtues of exercise and healthy diet. You know the one. You listen and smile politely, all the while wondering why she doesn’t take her own advice.

I wish, with all my heart, that my son wasn’t the example of what happens when you don’t get it right…

7 thoughts on “I Wish I Had A Success Story…

  1. I just reread 😐 … I always read, based on your blogs, that you were successful. He loves you. He’s working on being independent. He’s not a total vagrant or stuck in a prison. He’s growing. He’s learning. I have complete respect for you too.
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  2. ANgel, you did the very best you could at the time. Please do not beat yourself up on this. You are someone we all look up to. Even though my L does not have ADHD I do feel it is related to some extend and you provide so much inspiration

  3. I look up to you! You were the first ADHD mom that I could relate to! I didn’t want to hear from the “perfect”mom with the well behaving kids that know all the answers. I appreciate that you’re like me. You’ve been a HUGE support for me these past few short years!! You are fabulous and HUGE hearted and just plain AWESOME!! Just because we get entrusted to birth them and get them through the first 18 years without killing them, doesn’t mean we get them to be perfect. I am happy with hugs now and than (lately).
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  4. On the other hand, while the ADHD successful side might not be his best virtue, you’ve raised a son with a brilliant sense of humour and a wicked love for animals. That’s something to be proud of.

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  5. We play with the hand we are dealt with. You did everything you could and still do. It is what it is. So much respect for what you do!

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