How To Identify A Twitter Spammer

Your first contact with a spammer on Twitter will more than likely be a  tweet mentioning you with a URL contained in it. Clicking on the URL might lead to disaster, and personally I never click on a URL from someone I don’t actually know.
If you’re not sure someone is a spammer, there are a few clues that are dead give-aways in a spammer’s profile.

Whilst their name might look like a regular name and surname, its most likely foreign-sounding, something exotic.

The Twitter handle will be something like @AlonsoSX781 or @Fernandonkxs7 – something that looks like its been automatically generated (because it probably was).

Their profile description will look something like this: “Certified thinker. Wannabe tv enthusiast. Friendly web buff. Total social media lover. Lifelong coffee junkie. Pop culture guru. Food geek.” or “Entrepreneur. Evil tv evangelist. Coffee geek. Professional travel specialist. Total gamer. Hardcore food fanatic.
Finding all of the following words in one person’s profile is practically a guarantee that the profile belongs to a spammer:

  • certified
  • wannabe
  • buff
  • junkie
  • guru
  • geek

A Twitter spammer profile will have few if any followers, and will most likely not be following anyone either.

And last but not least, whilst there may be a couple of hundred tweets in their history they will be garbled nonsense and/ or filled with URLs. Here’s an example of an actual tweet by an actual spammer: “have find they out are on we are one at its for your was this up to my not was of me when with my can with I that all just at my“.

I hope that helps!

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