Our #SAGApupVolt Has Graduated!


So wow.

Today our Volt graduated from guide-dog training with his partner.
We got to watch him show off his training with his partner by walking down a public street in Houghton- navigating stop streets, a traffic circle, pedestrians, open shop doors, restaurant tables on a sidewalk, a barking dog, a boy whistling at him- whilst we were dead quiet and staying out of sight as much as possible on the opposite side of the street.
It was amazing. And he has a wonderful partner.
We won’t see much of him as he’ll be living in the Cape, but we know he’s going to be happy. He’s going to a house full of people and he and his new partner are very close with Volt responding immediately to his instructions. They’ve spent the last three weeks bonding and training together, and he has already gotten to know many of Volt’s mannerisms and foibles… 😀

Volt is still a super high-energy dog and he was so happy to see us! He and Damien had a lovely run – on lead – around the kids’ playground at SAGA to get rid of some of his excitement, and then we chatted, taking turns to hold Volt’s lead while we had cake and tea and got to know Volt’s partner a little.

We were given a portrait of Volt, wearing his harness, posing with his new partner for our wall at home.

It was such an incredible experience and I didn’t cry all afternoon – but the more I look at the pictures and the more I think of what our boy has achieved the bigger the lump in my throat gets!

In case you’re wondering, in the pictures where Volt is wearing his harness he is also wearing something called a Gentle Leader. Its not a muzzle but it is used to stop a dog from surging ahead and pulling on the lead or harness (follow the link to read more about it).

And hopefully, towards the end of May, we’ll be getting a new SAGA puppy to raise!

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12 thoughts on “Our #SAGApupVolt Has Graduated!

  1. I have tears filling up. I know your proud and its a great things you guys did but I also know you’ll miss him

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  3. I can’t explain to you the magnitude of brilliance that this whole process has been to witness. Volt was SO lucky to have you, to guide him through his first year. And I’m so pleased to see he will go off to live a happy, loved life.

    So proud of you guys, and him. What a gem!

    (and ps, I cried when reading this. I feel this is the equivalent of a child graduating from university).


    • We are so incredibly proud of him! Its a lot like sending our child off to work after varsity! 🙂

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