We’re Still On It…

So today we’ve been on our diet for three weeks.

At our two week check in with the dietitian she weighed us and gave us a slightly “friendlier” eating plan than the one we’d been on for the first two weeks. As with the kick start phase, we each have our own plan as my Glugster – being a man – is allowed a little more food than I am. She split his afternoon snack into two so that he’s not half starved when he gets home from work, and she split my morning snack into two so that I can resist the temptation of sweets while I am working in my kitchen. We’re now also allowed a little Coke Zero or other diet drinks, but must still keep fizzy drinks and sugar to an absolute minimum.
I lost 1.5kg in the first two weeks, and we had cheated a little over the Easter weekend. I was very pleased with how little we’d actually bent the rules over Easter, and we went right back to eating according to our plan. She will be happy with me losing half a kilo a week but I would like to lose a little more – which she says is possible with more exercise.
We go back to see her in a month’s time.

We are upping our exercise levels – we did a few laps of the dog park yesterday where we usually sit or stand under a tree for the majority of our visit, we take the stairs instead of the lift, I’m trying to walk faster when I walk Riddick and I discovered that simply running around the back lawn playing ball with my puppy is quite a workout indeed! I’m also thinking of getting a skipping rope or a hulahoop…

We’re sticking to our eating plan on weekends, and whilst I know its a long term life style change and we feel better and we’re making progress and and and, I get really fed up with having to prepare food three times a day! I LIKE ordering a pizza or getting KFC, and having so many fargin dishes EVERY day of the week is annoying. And make no mistake, my Glugster is cooking too – I’m not doing it alone.

But I hate what I look like more than I hate having to prepare food several times a day and unpack and repack the dishwasher constantly.

We took “BEFORE” photos of ourselves a couple of days after we started our diet, and we’ve decided to take a new picture every month so that we can see any visible changes as well as being encouraged by the weigh-in at the dietitian’s office. I won’t be posting them here until we reach our goal weights – which between the two of us is a whole nother person – and we have a semi-decent “AFTER” picture to post alongside it!!

11 thoughts on “We’re Still On It…

  1. That’s awesome!! I spent a year and lost 50lbs… than promptly put 20 of it back on. Right now I’m going more at it like you, LIFESTYLE changes, and slower/more consistent. One day at a time. Good for you!! You can do it!! I love how you’re doing it like a team!!
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  2. Wonderful! You both are doing great! I’m in the process of making subtle consistent changes and some days it is so easy to fall away from it!

  3. Well done!
    It’s not about the actual weight you lose sometimes, but more about how you feel. I know when I feel tired and lethergic that I need to start watching what I eat now.

  4. Well done on the 1.5kg that’s excellent!

    Can’t wait to see the photos :)))

    Coke Zero is unhealthy for your body as it contains aspartame, be careful.

    As for making 3 meals a day, why not make a pot of brown rice and keep it in the fridge, and make healthy soups n stews and freeze some in containers.

  5. That’s so awesome sticking to it is hard. Can you prepare the foods and put the in 1 portion container so you can just grab that and go? That way you could just cook 1 a week.

  6. Well done you 🙂 I can totally relate to all the additional dishes! And we don’t even have a dishwasher. Haha. Some weeks I consider just buying more 😛

    Keep it up, you sound like you’re in exactly the right head space to reach your goal!

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