Just About Four Weeks Of Dieting

And whilst my Glugster has done really well, the fourth week was a friggin disaster for me!

On Tuesday morning last week I left for Cape Town for the launch of a brand new Ford Kuga, which meant two days of not enough water and eating all wrong! Sweets, cheese, Coke, crisps, wine, a buffet breakfast with too many pastries… And then when I was waiting for my sweetheart to fetch me from the airport on Wednesday afternoon I had a slice of apple pie with cream! It was all so sinfully divine!
Then on Thursday and Friday I just seemed to carry on regardless! I still had my meals and snacks as scheduled, but I didn’t drink enough water and I picked at all kinds of other foods whilst I baked and worked – meringue and cake off-cuts, caramel, chocolate ganache, cream cheese, leftover pasta…

Oh dear.

Whatever I may have lost in week three I have certainly gained back – and perhaps even some of what I lost in the first two weeks.
And I get very annoyed with myself when I cheat. Even while I’m doing it I am irritated that I’m doing it. Especially when I remind myself that my Glugster isn’t cheating!

This weekend I’ve gone back to how I am supposed to eat, helped immensely by having my husband here with me. I have hit the reset button and will again work to stick to my diet as prescribed by our dietitian.

We have had some success with making our food interesting too. We usually make a lot of food for supper and then pack lunches of the same thing. My hubby takes breakfast, lunch and two snacks packed in a sixpack cooler and he has a copy of his eating plan at work with him.
My mid-morning snack of fruit and yoghurt is delicious when I combine the two in a bowl, and a breakfast of two chopped boiled eggs and onion on low GI toast is very filling.
We do “regular” suppers like roast chicken with rice and veggies or spagbol with veggies, but my husband’s staff were quite flabbergasted when he arrived at work with a cheeseburger for lunch the other day, and it was perfectly balanced.
A low GI bun, a homemade beef patty (made without breadcrumbs), tomato, onion, a gherkin slice or two, a little cheese or little lite mayo. Add a fresh fruit- apple/ banana/ pear/ orange- or a cup of raw or cooked veggies and its a very tasty and very filling meal.
Grilled chicken or hake gets roughly chopped with tomato, onion, peppers, peas, rice or pasta, and a little lite mayo or avo to make a yummy cold salad.
For tuna sarnies I add a tablespoon of lite mayo, chopped tomato, onion, peppers and gherkins with low GI bread.
For a picnic we went on a while ago we had ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and onion sarnies on low GI bread!
Homemade meatballs (also made without breadcrumbs) served with rice or pasta, veggies and a “salsa” of tomato, green peppers and onion.
We’ve realised we prefer to have a finely chopped “salsa” of sorts than a more conventional salad.
Ooh and Harassed Mom gave me some ideas for including eggplant in our veggies which I love, and am going to try tomorrow night for the first time, so thanks for that Laura-Kim!

Make no mistake, we’re eating well. And the knucklehead eats what we eat, I just give him more carbs and less veggies, and he’s allowed to eat the cake off cuts we’re not eating anymore. 😀

Hopefully when we go back to the dietitian in about three weeks I will have been able to correct the damage I did last week!

What do you do to make “diet” food interesting or more appealing without breaking the rules?

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  1. I’m really glad you got back on that wagon throughout the weekend. You have a lovely support system at home namely your husband. Do not stress too much about what happened in Cape Town. What is now important, is that you are back on track again and making good choices. Well done for that.
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