Five Weeks Down, A Hundred To Go!

Dieting. No, not dieting, changing our lifestyle. Yes. We’re making changes.

And we’re not doing too badly. My Glugster is already able to wear shirts he hasn’t been able to wear in AGES, and my pants are feeling a little loose on me…
And we’re taking pictures. Scary pictures, where I don’t even attempt to pull my stomach in (which I can now do again, BTW). We took BEFORE pictures a couple of days after we started and on Sunday we took another picture. We decided to take a picture a month since we’re not “weighing in” more than once a month. Maybe we’ll even turn them into .GIFs when we get to our goal weight one day!

My Glugster is doing so much better than I am though… And I do better when he’s with me. Even though our dietitian has split up my morning snack into two seperate ones so I don’t go looking for sweet treats in between scheduled meals, and she’s given me ample carbs and a “sweet” allowance, and even a small fizzy cooldrink allowance I still battle not to just have something anyway.
Even though I’m not hungry, even though and I’m feeling better in general and I’m not feeling like I could fall dead-asleep at two in the afternoon – I still find I have to literally talk my way past the KFC or Pick n Pay’s bakery. I am still having to tell myself- actually consciously remind myself- not to eat more of the spaghetti/ bread/ rice/ cheese I’m serving onto our plates, with carefully measured portions… And I feel so lame when I do cheat.

We are not suffering under any delusions, we know that the two of us having to lose what equates a to a whole one of ME is going to take time. A lot of time. We’re talking at least year, probably more.


11 thoughts on “Five Weeks Down, A Hundred To Go!

  1. Good for you!! It’s a daily battle. I look at pictures of anorexic-probably-photo-shopped-celeb-skinnies or the ridiculous-skinny-girls I run into and think AHHHH. I’m not sure what was harder… the losing it… or maintaining it… I’m going to admit to the latter…. it’s so hard…. I fell back into the lazier non active ways and have put weight back on… and now I’m trying to find the motivation to take it back on… but it’s hard! You can do it!!
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  2. Well done! I need to drag myself down to see a dietician as well! (and then back to the gym). This thing called losing weight is such a tough one. Wish I could buy self-discipline in a bottle!
    Alet recently posted…Word for 2013: RespectMy Profile

  3. You guys are great. I can’t stick to anything and I think it’s fantastic that you have each other for support and can do it together.
    I’m fighting a hard battle to get fit and healthy and I often feel like I’m doing it alone…
    You can do it!!
    MeeA recently posted…SoapMy Profile

  4. Well done! Well done!
    I want you to remember, that I too still have to talk myself through bakeries, not to have one more portion of whatever. This never stops. This is a never ending journey. It’s not to scare you, I want to tell you that with me who are now a fitness fanatic, I still need to practice willpower, self talk and restraint. We just have too for the rest of our lives because we are food addicts.
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  5. Ugh… I forgot to include the uber annoying aspect of dieting- like anything and everything in life, everyone and their dog will tell you how you should be doing it! It doesn’t matter that we’re seeing a dietitian, they all know better than she does.
    “…you must drink XYZ…” and “…add ABC to all your food…” or “…don’t bother with so-and-so…”

  6. Yay you guys are doing great. That is the one thing about going back to work and traveling I am kinda glad about as I do better foodwise on the road then at home and I usually hit the hotel gym.

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