Weekend Visit With #SAGApupKenzo

This is what happens when Kenzo arrives – Riddick is all over him from the second we walk in the gate, and then they run – round the pool, round the house and back again – until they’re worn out, and then they drink water from the swimming pool before coming inside with me.

First there’s the tussle on the patio at the gate…


then there’s the mad dash round the pool…


…in both directions!


And then they drink water out of the pool.


Kenzo is an absolute sweetheart!

He’s such a people-loving dog and likes nothing better than a ride in the car. He’ll even jump into the boot so when I have him at the boot and we’re loading food or groceries or whatever, I have to tell him to sit-stay else he jumps into the boot!
We’ve done a lot of work with waiting before walking through a doorway – on and off the lead – and he obeys instructions immediately.
He’s great on lead, which is thanks to his daily guide-dog training with his SAGA trainer.
He’s very seldom vocal even when Riddick is barking so he’s made great progress in that aspect.
He’s still not mad about being in the front footwell of the car, so we’ll continue working on that a little at a time. Things like getting him to get in on that side of the car, and eating his breakfast or supper in the car whilst in the footwell.

He waits until he’s told he may eat and he’s doing really well with not jumping on people who come to the house. We have had a couple of “accidents” in the house but that is largely due to my not having worked out his signal yet… Our first guide-dog puppy, Volt, would go to the door when he needed to busy and wait to be let out, even whining if no-one noticed. Riddick comes and stands in front of you and stares at you until you get up and let him out. I don’t know what Kenzo’s “tell” is…

We’ll fetch him tomorrow afternoon after his normal Friday training, and he’ll spend the weekend with us again.

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