In My Neighbourhood…

There’s a dog. There are lots of dogs, actually, but I’m referring to one in particular.

Its a little fluffy stoepkakker thats too big for a handbag and too small to be useful. A couple of times a week, it starts barking. At around 2am.

Yip. Yip yip. Yip Yip Yip Yip.

Yip. Yip yip. Yip Yip Yip Yip.

Yip. Yip yip. Yip Yip Yip Yip.

Uh huh.

My dogs – all three of them – sleep inside my house at night. And this little dog’s incessant yapping eventually gets Riddick’s attention, and that of the other dogs in our complex. I wouldn’t mind so much because my dogs are really good watchdogs, but a 32kg Labrador barking you awake when you’re deep in REM sleep is enough to make you levitate.

And this dog goes ooon and ooon and ooon. I am baffled by the fact that his owners don’t hear it and try to shut him up…

The worst thing though, is that some tit in our complex has decided that throwing fire crackers in the direction of the yipping furball is the answer.

What the actual fuck.

What happens when dogs hear firecrackers and fireworks? They bark, dickwad!

The fireworks do actually scare the yapping pooch into shutting up for a few minutes, but when this annoying canine IS quiet, the rest of the neighbourhood’s dogs – including Louise – are not!

Are there dogs that wake you up?

7 thoughts on “In My Neighbourhood…

  1. we have neighbours whose dogs dont only bark all night but manage to get out the gate during the day and then go barking at the gates of all the other neighbours dogs so its always very noisy

  2. I used to have a little dog like that. That slept under my covers… but on occasionally the wind would wake him up yapping. People leaving their yappers out at night (unless they’re at work and there’s no other option to prevent accidents…. hello… “kennels??”) are rude.
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  3. Our neighbour’s dog is a very heavy breather. He doesn’t really bark all that much but when he runs past all you hear is “huh…huh…huh!”

    Also someone in the area has a rooster. Every morning when I get up, looooong before the sun rises, I hear him crowing up a storm. Doesn’t bug me, we’re far enough away that I wouldn’t be able to hear it unless I had a window open, actually I kind of like it, but I imagine people wo are closer migt not enjoy that at 5:00am each day.
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  4. We have Jackals down at the river, that disturb the roosting hadedas, which shriek but now there is an echo down at the river so they spend a bit of time shouting at themselves. This gets our dogs attention, their barking echos, they bark at themselves for aagges. It all runs on a loop.

    But the biggest racket is our cow when she is on heat – very few things top that.

    The wild rabbits also sit on the outside of the gate and torment the dogs when they are not barking at the birds and the clouds. The dogs will eventually lay down at the gate and HOWL their faces off.

    Quiet country nights? Where?

  5. ‘stoepkakker’ – am hosing myself.

    We have a house about 3 houses down and on the other side of the road that likes to play doef doef music after midnight and the sound travels so well in our road…
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  6. Eish!
    Yet another reason why, although they’re lovely, I don’t own a dog.
    Our neighbour has a spaniel who doesn’t like anyone but she’s reasonably quiet most of the time.
    I don’t know how you live with it!
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