The Beginning Of A Happily Ever After

On Saturday, Laura-Kim and David got married.

LK+D CHapel Exit

It was glorious, and my Glugs and I were privileged to share the day with them!
Laura was just breathtaking in her ruffled gown!
My sweetheart and I held hands as we remembered our own vows during the ceremony.
We ate FAR too much cheese and too many bread sticks whilst the photos were taken.
We danced a Rumba and a Cha-cha and an East Coast Swing and a boogie, with a break between songs ‘coz we’re still very unfit, LOL…
We ate too much of the incredible food and thoroughly enjoyed the dessert and the photo booth!
Laura-Kim, her mom and her bridesmaids have spent MONTHS making bunting and searching for decor elements and punching confetti and they did all the setup and decorating at the venue themselves. There were HUGE fireplaces in every corner of the reception hall to keep us warm, and photographs of Laura-Kim, David and their children were on display all over the venue. And Imperfect Perfection was exactly the right venue for their nuptials.
We shared a table with several of our met-via-social-media friends but I had no phone or camera battery to commemorate the rest of the evening!

And this was my outfit! I found the dress for a jaw dropping bargain at PQ Clothing, and opted for boots instead of the red and black snakeskin Nine West heels I was going to wear. They were only slightly more comfortable, but they were a lot warmer!
And of course, I’d had my hair coloured and highlighted the day before thanks to an early Mothers Day present from my darling Glugster.

IMGP6735 - Copy

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  1. Wow I love her dress the ruffles are really pretty, she looked lovely. You have such great legs Angel and you looked fab too.

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