A Brief National Geographic Moment…

This morning I saw what I believe was one of these…

Warwick Tarboton Ovambo Sparrowhawk

Ovambo Sparrowhawk – image by Warwick Tarboton

…pounce on and then fly off with one of these…

Warwick Tarboton Cape Sparrow

Cape Sparrow – image by Warwick Tarboton

It was epic! A glorious glimpse into the nature that exists all around us!
I saw movement out the corner of my eye as I was leaving our complex, and whilst we have a lot of Rock Pigeons in our area, this definitely wasn’t a pigeon’s kind of aerial manoeuvre.. So I stopped to look at what I had seen. The Sparrowhawk was sitting on the grass next to my neighbours’ car, with its back to me, almost as if it was catching its breath – and then it took off with the male Cape Sparrow clutched in its claws.

It was such a “WOW!” moment.

How I wish I could download the memory so I can watch it like a video and make absolutely sure I have the right identification… But I am sure of the size, the grey colour and the striped tail in flight…

What’s your latest “WOW!” moment?

2 thoughts on “A Brief National Geographic Moment…

  1. That’s such a fantastic thing to see! Wow for sure.

    Mmm…I saw an odd looking spider trying to hide on my front door this morning. No idea what it was, but it’s completely white and shaped like a rain spider (slightly smaller – probably about 5cm diameter). The white is the bit that didn’t camoflage well on our brown front door.

    Since he was on the outside I let him be…inside and he would have had a last meal from the law of damages textbook!
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