Wanting To Be Heroes!

On Saturday morning we headed out to take care of a cupcake delivery and get to the post office and so on, and when we parked at the shopping centre we saw the SANBS tent with signs calling for blood donors.
I am already an organ donor, but I’ve wanted to look into becoming a blood donor for a long time, so after we collected our SAGA puppy’s new name tag we headed for the tent.

We told the people in the tent we wanted to be donors, and they asked if we were on any medication. I told him about my daily allergy meds and asthma treatment, and he asked me to inhale. I thought he was referring to my asthma so I took a big deep breath through my mouth and he said no, through your nose. Of course, my nose is partially blocked on a permanent basis, I’m allergic to too many plants to avoid them all and dust and pet dander sets me off too… And he asked if my blocked nose was just that day or always like that and when I said its normal for me, they said I can’t be a blood donor!
I would never have dreamed my allergies would make that a problem, but it makes sense… My blood is always full of allergens and white blood cells to fight the things that make me sneeze, and that would just make a sick person sicker.

So I can’t be a hero.

My Glugster can though. He filled in the paper work, they checked his blood pressure, and then it was off to donate his first 500ml.


The SANBS staff in the tent were absolutely fantastic. They were friendly and funny and eager to help. When Yvonne was preparing to stick the needle in my Glugster’s arm he told her it was his first time. Without missing a beat she smiled and said “Don’t worry, mine too!”


His donation went smoothly and he was advised to take it easy on partying and the like for the rest of the day, and he’ll be able to donate again in two months time.

Can I just say – as sort of an aside – that knowing I’d have to answer some pretty personal questions in order to become a donor didn’t phase me in the least (not that I’ve ever worried about filling in such a form before)! I like that I know my status, I like that I am in a loving monogamous relationship, and I like knowing that I can tick all the right boxes without hesitation.

You can find the SANBS on Twitter and Facebook too.

5 thoughts on “Wanting To Be Heroes!

  1. I am not allowed to donate. First the weight limit was 45kg and I was below, then when I was at 45kg they moved the limit to 50kg, now that I am over 50kg I couldnt donate cause I was on Roacutaine, then when the 6 months past and I was med free, I went and my BP is too low 🙁

    Instead I am an organ and tissue donor. I also want to become a bone marrow donor too.

  2. It’s very cool that your husband can donate. My husband donate at his work every 3 months. I can’t though due to an iron deficiency disorder 🙁
    blackhuff recently posted…Acts 5My Profile

  3. The last time I tried to donate they also turned me away…I was having a particularly bad time at work and I guess the stress was getting to me. They couldn’t get my heart rate below 100 and the nurse said that if they stick a needle in me I’ll either stroke out or have a heart attack. It obviously freaked me out even more, so every time they checked again it kept getting higher and higher!

    I’ve been too scared to go back and that was about two month ago…I really need to get my shit together and try again.
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