How Did You Find Me!?

I had a good giggle tonight, I was checking on my Google Analytics and I realised that my “new” blogging home has a whole new set of search terms that led people here, and some of them are very strange indeed!
There were several searches for planning baby showers, lots for children’s sticker charts, and quite a few Absa-related searches.
These were the ones I thought were the funniest, and I haven’t changed any spelling or grammar:

  • cool gadjets that make life easier
  • gedgets in my life
  • tell me how are gadgets made.
  • drag queen challenge     erm… I think it may well be a challenge to be a drag queen…
  • duvet cover feels being touched whilst sleeping     methinks someone’s been watching too many Paranormal Activity movies
  • handmade ceramic wall clocks     I have never made any kind of clock…
  • itching caused by duvets

Do you know how people found your blog? What did you Google to find me?

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